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Over 100 presenters and over 200 sessions were recorded at AARC Congress 2013. They’re all right here in case you missed a session, couldn’t make it to Anaheim, or just want to refresh your memory.

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Session Presenter
29th Phil Kittredge Memorial Lecture .... Peter Papadakos
40th Donald F Egan Scientific Memorial Lecture Rolf Hubmayr
A Health Plan's Successful Asthma Disease Management Program Jacklyn Grimball
A Live Look Inside the Lungs: Electrical Impedance Tomograph John Emberger
A Look Into the Crystal Ball - COPD, Training, and Pulmonary Janos Porszasz
A Whirlwind History of Respiratory Therapy: Told Through Vi Steve DeGenaro
Adding Insult To Injury - Dementia and ALS Lee Guion
Addressing End-of-Life At the Beginning-of-Life Marlin Mills
Adjunct Therapies Improve Outcome for Pediatric Acute Lung I David Turner, Ken Tegtmeyer
Adult ARDS Network Data: Applicable To Children? Carl Hinkson
Aerosol Therapy: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow Bruce Rubin
Affordable Care Act and Its Impact on the Profession Douglas Laher
Ageism, Have You Examined Your Views? Lorraine Bertuola
Airway Clearance Techniques in the Home Veronique Adam
Airway Management Charles Durbin
ALS Palliative Care: Burden of Caregivers Compared To Patien Caroline Braga
Anesthetic Agents for Status Asthmaticus: Methods, Evidence John Emberger
Animation and Interactive Technology To Teach Mechanical Ven Ken Tegtmeyer
Application in Hand: Respiratory-themed Apps for Phones and Steven Nelson
Are RTs Really Needed on Transport? Tabatha Dragonberry, Alex Brendel
Are Transport RTs Facing Extinction? Steven Sittig
Are You Abnormal? Choosing Predicted Values in PF Testing Carl Mottram
Are You Sleeping on the Job? Karla Smith
Artificial Airways and Airway Adjuncts: Summary of the 52nd Charles Durbin
Assessing and Caring for the Hypoxemic Chronic Lung Disease Trina Limberg
Assessing Patient Need David Wheeler
Assisting With Clinical Trials - What's Expected From Your.. Matthew O'Brien
Auto-PAP Vs. CPAP: Which Is Better? Jessica Schweller
Becoming a Professional David Vines
Benchmarking in Neonatal/Pediatric Transport: Do You Meet Th Kendra Paxton
Biomarkers in Exhaled Breath Condensate Michael Davis
Can Bladder Pressure Be Used To Set Optimal PEEP? Delete Delete
Capnography: Isn't It Time To Recognize It As the Fifth Vit Ruben Restrepo
Cardiopulmonary Testing Survey - What Are Labs Doing Correct Katrina Hynes
Challenges in SDB for the Pediatric Population Amber Galer
Chemical/Biological and Natural Disasters Joe Hylton
Choice of Ventilator Mode Affects Clinical Outcome Brian Walsh, Rob DiBlasi
Chronic Hypoventilation: Diagnosis & Patient Selection Magnus Qvarfort
Clinical Vignettes and Their Pulmonary Function Test Results Carl Mottram
Conventional Ventilation of the Premature Infant: What Is T John Emberger
COPD and Comorbidities: Why All the Fuss? Brian Carlin
COPD and Dynamic Hyperinflation With Exercise - What Have... Janos Porszasz
COPD Disease Management - a Model for All Settings Brian Carlin
COPD Transitions Coach: Serving COPD Patients From Hospital Robert Sobkowiak
Creating Value for Home Respiratory Services By Developing a Kimberly Wiles
Critical Care Transport: An RT Perspective Steven Sittig
Customizing Patient Education Crystal Dunlevy
Debunking the Myths: Understanding the Science and Technolo Joseph Lewarski
Developing An Asthma Response Team for the Emergency Room Clifton Dennis
Developing An Effective Educational Plan for Respiratory Car Shawna Strickland
Difficult Airway Management During Pediatric Transport Tabatha Dragonberry
Educating COPD Patients So They Really "Get It" Jane Martin
Educational Materials From the AARC Thomas Kallstrom
Educational Materials From the COPD Foundation Scott Cerreta
Educational Materials From the Physician Perspective Brian Carlin
Emergency Airway Management / RSI Joe Hylton
Employee Engagement - Reward and Recognition Is Where It's A Lora Harris
Engaging the Anesthesiologist and Respiratory Therapist To W Lori Conklin
Evaluation of Albuterol/Ipratropium Discharge Prescription A Donna Clayton
Excellence in the ICU: Multidisciplinary Communication and C Patti DeJuilio
Exhaled Breath Condensate PH Michael Davis
Exhaled Nitric Oxide Bruce Rubin
Feed Me! How Indirect Calorimetry Can Improve Patient Outco Mark Siobal
Filling the Vacuum.... Dana Evans
Focused Asthma Education and Interventions: A State Perspect Cynthia Keely
From ICU To the Home: Strategies for Successful Transition Rita Troini
Games Your Kids Are Dying To Play - Dangerous Asphyxial... Douglas Masini
Gas Exchange Monitoring in Critically Ill Pediatric Patients Craig Smallwood
Get Real! - How Good Is Today's Simulation Technology? Joel Brown
Getting Credentialed: Success on the Written Exams Bill Galvin
Heart-Lung Interactions and Oxygen Delivery Ira Cheifetz
High Altitude Simulation Test Demonstration MATTHEW OBRIEN
High Frequency Jet Ventilation Sherry Courtney
High Frequency Percussive Ventilation Rob DiBlasi
High-Frequency Oscillatory Ventilation Christine Kearney
Home Telemonitoring of Noninvasive Ventilation in ALS Redu Joao Pereira
How Can I Use Waveforms To Optimize the Management of ... Neil MacIntyre
How Do I Get This PFT Data Into the Electronic Medical Recor Matthew O'Brien
How To Manage Different Generations Mark Babic
Hypercapnia and Hypocapnia Eddy Fan
Hypoxia Versus Hypoxemia Neil MacIntyre
I Am Not An Educator, How Do I Teach Students in the Clinica Aaron Light
Identifying Technical Capability Robert Chatburn
Implementing Respiratory Risk Criteria Into Hospital Dischar Becky Anderson
Improving Quality in Neonatal & Pediatric Transports Kendra Paxton
Inhalational Injuries Douglas Masini
Interstitial Lung Disease Neil MacIntyre
Interventional Pulmonary and Respiratory Therapy: Two Thing William Solly
Introduction To the AIM Cycle Robert Chatburn
Invasive Mechanical Ventilation Eddy Fan
It's Just a Little Cough...or Is It? Elizabeth Cooper
Let's Get Real! Overcoming Barriers To Effective Patient-Ce Robin Kidder
Long-term Oxygen Therapy: Past, Present, and Future Patrick Dunne
Long-Term/Skilled Patient Care: Care and Regulation James Wood
Lung Protective Strategies: ARDSnet for Everyone? Ruben Restrepo
Man You're Fussy - Participating in a Clinical Trial Using.. Katrina Hynes
Management of the Difficult Pediatric Airway Jesse Taylor
Medical Direction of Respiratory Professionals Thomas Fuhrman
Migrating From Acute Care To Pulmonary Rehabilitation Case.. Arianna Villa
Monitoring of Noninvasive Ventilation Sigurd Aarrestad
Move To Improve Lung Health! Patti DeJuilio
Moving Beyond the NICU: Transitioning Infants With Chronic R Rob DiBlasi
Multi-institutional Collaboration To Establish a Vent... Gene Gantt, Garry W. Kauffman
National Competitive Bidding: Impact of Round 2 Implementat Greg Spratt
Neonatal Resuscitation Program Update: Does Practice Make Pe John Gallagher
Neonatal-Pediatric Interactive Cases Ira Cheifetz, Lisa Tyler
Neurorespiratory Disease Management Anabela Pinto
New Grad Perspective Christine Kearney, Ira Cheifetz
NIV Competencies: The Norwegian Model Heidi Markussen
NIV in Neuromuscular Disorders Like ALS and Duchenne Muscle Anabela Pinto
NIV: Methods & Modes Ove Fondenes
Noninvasive Monitoring Lluis Blanch
Noninvasive Respiratory Support for the Very Low Birth... Rob DiBlasi
Noninvasive Ventilation in Pediatrics: Turning the Corner? Nancy Johnson
OSA Perioperative Programs for Risk Reduction and Revenue En Peter Allen
Palliative Care in Long-term Acute Care Hospitals (LTACs) Mary Hart
Panel Discussion Clifton Dennis, Jacklyn Grimball, Shawna L. Strickland, Cynthia Keely
Patient Education Instructional Materials: From Development Bill Galvin
Pediatric Palliative Care: When Children Hurt Ken Tegtmeyer
Pediatric Respiratory Care: Surviving Health Care Reform Timothy Myers
Practicing the Art of Getting the Orders Your Patient Needs Robin Kidder
Preoperative Screening and the RT Role Jessica Schweller
Preventing BPD: Search for the Holy Grail Sherry Courtney
Prevention of ICU Readmissions: Development of a Readmission Charles Durbin
Priority One- Value for Our Patients Richard Ford
Professor's Rounds: Dueling Experts - High-Frequency Oscilla Dean Hess, Neil R. MacIntyre
Promoting Patient Safety Through Teamwork and Communication Ira Cheifetz
Prone Positioning Richard Kallet, Richard Branson
Pulmonary Function Testing Jeffrey Haynes
Pulmonary Hypertension Philip Gold
Pulmonary Rehabilitation Brian Carlin
Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program Modifications for Interstit Connie Paladenech
Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program Modifications for Pulmonary Gerilynn Connors
Putting the Resources Together: The Patient Experience Thomas Kallstrom, Brian W. Carlin, Scott Cerreta, Bill Clark
Quality Assurance of the Pulmonary Function Technologist Jeffrey Haynes
Quality Standards for Asthma Education Programs Shawna Strickland
Race Roulette: How To Pick the Winning Numbers for Your... Ralph Stumbo
Reaching Out: Strategies To Establish or Improve Your Outre Alex Brendel
Real World ROI Crystal Dunlevy
Recruitment Maneuvers for ARDS Robert Kacmarek, Rolf D. Hubmayr
Respiratory Care 2013 and Beyond - Catch the Wave! Kenneth Thigpen
Respiratory Disasters: Conditions You Hope You Never See David Turner
Respiratory Mechanics During Positive Pressure Ventilation Dean Hess
Respiratory Therapists and Speech Therapy: Multi-Disciplina Heather Pazak
RT Asthma Educators - Asthma Patient Navigators Mary Hart
SDB Programs for the Pediatric Population Kathleen Deakins
Sedation To Facilitate Mechanical Ventilation: The Good and Peter Papadakos
Sepsis: Ventilator Management of the Septic Patient Richard Kallet
Shooting for the Stars: How To Achieve Top 10% in Employee Lora Harris
SIT: Systematic Innovative Thinking Bill Cohagen
Sleep Deprivation and the Medical Community Brian Carlin
So You Think You Can Diagnose Asthma? Jeffrey Haynes
Social Media in Health Care Diane Oldfather
Spontaneous Breathing Trials and Their Role in the LTAC Peter Loper
Strange Tales From the Bronchoscopy Suite William Solly
Surfactant Beyond Neonates: Do We Know the Final Answer? Nancy Johnson
Take the "Red Pill": Understanding the Multiple Methods of Joel Brown
Teaching Adults: You Better Make It Useful Bill Galvin
Teaching Older Adults and the Elderly: It's Not About Shouti Helen Sorenson
Teaching Toddlers and Adolescents: You Can't Do It Alone Lisa Tyler
Teamwork As a Key Survival Strategy Kenneth Thigpen
Technology Etiquette: Training of the RT Peter Papadakos
The "Aha!" Moment - Enabling Patients To Discover COPD... Jane Martin
The 5 Best Case Reports Published By RESPIRATORY CARE in 201 Dean Hess
The 5 Best Original Research Papers Published in RESPIRATORY Richard Branson
The AARC Evidence-based Clinical Practice Guidelines Shawna Strickland
The ABCs of Sales and Marketing for Your Sleep Center Peter Allen
The ABCs of VBP and P4P Dana Evans
The Elevator Speech - Creating a Winning Message Cheryl Hoerr
The Financial Value of Respiratory Services in Long-Term... Lorraine Bertuola
The Future of the Respiratory Therapist in Home Care Joseph Lewarski
The Internal Jaw: Successful Surgical Correction of Airway O Jesse Taylor
The Physiology of Ventilation Lluis Blanch
The Pulmonary Education Program: Extending the Benefit of R Delete Delete
The Role of the RT: a Look Into the Future Timothy Myers
There's Fungus Among Us: When Mold Impactss Our Lives Ralph Stumbo
Thomas L Petty Memorial Lecture David Pierson
To Sleep… Perchance To Dream: Atypical Sleep-Disordered Bre Lee Guion
Un-complicating the Complicated: Learning To Teach COPD... Robert Messenger
Understanding COPD Guidelines and Putting Them Into Practice Scott Cerreta
Understanding Patient-Ventilator Interaction: The Importance Jonathan Waugh
Understanding the Managing Styles of Both Genders Mark Babic
Understanding the New Multidimensional GOLD Guidelines Brian Carlin
Up in Smoke: Home Oxygen, Smoking, and Safety Kimberly Wiles
Update on Portable Sleep Studies Jessica Schweller
Update on Revisions To the CoARC Standards for the Professio Kathy Rye
Use of Carbogen As a Safer Method for Apnea Testing Maria Madden
Using Pulmonary Rehabilitation To Prevent 30-day Readmission Trina Limberg
Value-based Respiratory Outcomes Peter Papadakos
Value-based Staffing Richard Ford
Ventilator Outcomes in Long-Term Care Lorraine Bertuola
Ventilator Waveforms 101: Down To the Basics Ruben Restrepo
Ventilator-Associated Events: Does This Apply To Children? Kathleen Deakins
Ventilator-Associated Events: What Every Respiratory Therapi Dean Hess
VO2 Testing Carl Mottram
Wake Up Before You Kill Someone! Karla Smith
What Do We Need To Know To Follow Up ALS Patients From Early Caroline Braga
What Gets Measured Gets Done Kenneth Thigpen
What Should Be Done With the "High Risk" Patient At ICU Disc Charles Durbin
What the Hospital RT Needs To Know About Home Oxygen Connie Paladenech
What's in the Journal This Month? How Can the Clinician, Man Dean Hess
What's in the Journal This Month? How Can the Clinician, Man Dean Hess
What's the Evidence for Palliative Care? Helen Sorenson
What's the Latest From the Government? Anne Marie Hummel
What's Working? Greg Spratt
When the Family Says To Do Everything Paul Selecky
Why Are Patients Readmitted To the ICU: What Effect Does ICU Robert Kopel
Why Is My Baby So Blue? Elizabeth Cooper